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The Martyrdom of Abalfazl-Abbas(A)

When most of Imam’s followers were martyred, Abbas let his brothers (Uthman, Jafar and Abdollah) to go and fight. They went and got martyred. Then he went to Imam and said “I ask permission to fight.” Imam said “You are my standard-bearer” Abbas said “I can not stand. I hate the life in this world and want to revenge these dissenters.” Imam said “If you want to go, first bring some water for the children.” He had brought some water for three nights for the children, because they had been banned from water for 3 days.

Abbas (A) goes to bring water, he rides on the horse and has a sword in his hand. He goes to Furat river on the horse and fills the goatskin. Then he cups his hands and brings water near his mouth but doubts, and does not drink the water. He may does so because he thinks Imam said “bring water for the children” and he did not want to drink water, himself and did not let Abbas drink either.

When he went out of water said: “Thee Abalfazl, I do not want you to be alive after Husayn. He is dying thirsty and you want to drink water. You should be magnanimous, and have apathy. Husayn is your Imam. I do not let myself do so.”

On his return, Abalfazl changed his way and returned through palm grove to take the goatskin safely to the tents. The enemy blocked his way and Nofel Azragh cut his right hand by a sword. He took the goatskin on his left shoulder. He cut his left wrist. He took it by his teeth and bent on it but suddenly an arrow fired the goatskin. You can imagine how did he feel at the moment. He might have thought of the children asking him for water.

Another arrow went to his chest and another arrow pierced his head and he fell down. At this time he called his brother for the first time. Imam heard him and came to him and saw his injured body and amputated hands and started crying and said “It is intolerable and I have no way. Abbas asked Imam to clean his eyes so that he could see his Imam once more. Then he asked Imam not to take him to the tents so that children would not see him. Since he had promised them to bring water.

Um-al-Banin was Khazam-Ibn-Khalid’s daughter and Shimr’s sister, so Shimr was Abbas’s uncle and Imam Husayn’s step uncle.

 Abbas(A)’s Tomb

Abbas(A)’s tomb is near the site of his martyrdom by Furat and at the time of martyrdom he was 34 years old.

Husayn Imad Zadeh a renown author has written about Abbas(A). When he went to his majesty’s Shrine, the janitors let him go into the shrine and go to the special place as a reward for his book. He said there, he saw a small ditch filled with water when he asked about it they said as his majesty’s shrine is near Furat river and you can find water near the earth surface, we have dug a ditch so that water could not reach the tomb. It is sorrowful that his majesty did not drink water at the time of his martyrdom but the water comes near his tomb.

Now after centuries, when we talk about him we start crying. When they could amputate his hand, they dared to come close and attack him. An arrow had entered one of his eyes and he did not have hands to take it out. He tried it by his feet. He could see no where so he called his brother for the first time as brother (he had always called him as his master).








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